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#1 2020-02-14 04:20:46

XPd Guild Member
Registered: 2020-02-13
Posts: 2

Anomie checking in last.
Howdy Inq et al.!

I play a fair bit, mostly on Hibernia, and mostly badly. Well no, i've been told i'm a great healer, but i really prefer to roam solo and stay alive, slowly gathering drops and building a mental map of the in-game world. I've loved the low population. It gives me a chance to explore all three realms' frontiers and only get owned by actual RvR players on rare occasions.

So it's rare to see me on a lvl 50 toon, although i do have a few.

Just a couple of my toons are in eXPedient so far. Though i keep considering working on a Nurture Druid for PvE, the only alt i'm leveling in XPed at the moment is:

ANIMISTS ENABLER the voidritch for debuffing body (and energy) dmg -- call me for boss raids! I can also NS a bit already, though i'm still just lvl 42 with this alt as of today so in the rare event i'll join for keep defense it'll be on my Animist or nature Druid (both in Ascension)
But even yellow body debuff should make a significant increase in dmg output from all you Animists out there, so if you want to take down Grand Summoner or something, i think i could help perhaps better on this than on my Ani.

About me: While i have no goldfish, dogs, cats, or kids in the house, i do keep the cockroaches and earthworms happy.

Finally, i don't do Discord for now. Neither my phone nor my computer is quite up to the task of running such a program given my internet connectivity, or in the case of my computer it can, just not alongside the client without causing lag and a call for LOOP! all the time.

Thanks for the (repeated) invitations, pals. See you out there!

Oh, and when you see Amours Mydd or Blackes Mydd the Paladins sprinting around, you know you won't find me in Hibernia. Can you tell i enjoy multilingual puns? And crafting? Do you have any idea why i enjoy crafting? I don't. Let me know if you figure it ...or me... out.

(I should point out that some other person made a toon called Anomie, which i obviously didn't know when i made my game account under that name. So if they return to playing it there could eventually be confusion. But the toon 'Anomie' is currently lvl 4 and hasn't been seen since 2 years ago, according to the herald)


#2 2020-02-14 10:12:42

XPd GuildMaster
From: England
Registered: 2012-08-27
Posts: 1,265

Re: Anomie checking in

You won't be surprised to know that this is the first (non-spam bot) registration in a very long time.  In game, please set your guild note with /gc noteself Anomie

Welcome aboard tho!

- Inq/Spymiss - GM
sig.php?Mayhem+Midget+Loss sig.php?Slylurker+Slyintent


#3 2020-02-16 02:15:50

XPd Guild Member
Registered: 2020-02-13
Posts: 2

Re: Anomie checking in

Thanks! Done. Note set.


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